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No + Zinc

No+Zn© is a self-destructible air/water-tight body bag suitable for transport of bodies within a coffin. From the public health point of view and compared to zinc, this product turns out to be a very ecological and safe alternative for the transport of the deceased.

No+Zn© is made of cotton fabric and bioplastic thought to be used as an alternative for the zinc lining inside a coffin. This product has been approved by the General Public Health Department, published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) on April 6, 2012 to be used as a zinc substitute in special coffins or transport coffins.

Some of the advantages of using this product are:

  • Water tightness according to UNE EN 20811 standard.
  • Possibility of using filtering systems and gas purification devices in order to compensate the internal-external pressure.
  • The biodegradable plastic film provides impermeability until the biodegradation process begins, which takes approximately 6 months under compostable conditions.
  • Completely suitable for incineration, which prevents handling human remains or any risks associated to zinc usage.
  • It can be used for international transport of bodies within a 20 mm coffin.

No+Zn© is nowadays one of the best zinc alternatives for the funeral industry. Health and environmental safety, logistics and prevention of occupational risks are just some of the advantages of this new product.

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